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MKRT8A6PTAFixed the issue where the Calendar Summary view was not showing the entry border in High Contrast Black
SJCN7XHQJBFixed the issue where pressing 'Esc' in Calendar Edit mode closes the Calendar itself
SJCN7XHN4DFixed an issue where an inline edit of a calendar entry containing location information would cause the location info to get appended to the...
THIO79KGFDProvide support for opening another user's Calendar from the Group Calendar view, when running iNotes configured in an ICM...
LJAS8ACNGKFixed a problem in iNotes where an invitee may not be able to accept/decline a meeting invitation that is sent by an external chair. The problem...
CSMH8CUJW5Fixed a problem in Notes Client Calendar where print preview would display the additional time zone incorrectly, if using the File / Print Preview...
TPRI8AET7WFixed a problem in iNotes where, if ActiveX is disabled, the user is unable to download an attachment to a calendar entry.
PANN84YMJUFixed a problem with repeating monthly meetings scheduled with a repeat day different than the day of the initial meeting, such that the initial...
SHEZ8DUDWHOn Citrix: An error (An internal error occurred during "Loading data") is displayed when selecting "Feeds" Or "Day-at-a-glance". Regression in...
JFRA8D4GBSOn a 8.5.3 client if we try adding a .ics file to a calendar which is based on a 8.0.2 mail template, the client crashes. Added appropriate checks to...
JKEY8EXN68Improved the calendar federation user experience by implementing the Merge Entries feature which merges entries from the same meeting into one...
JKEY8G3NLGFixed the problem of creating federated calendar entries by implementing a more intuitive design.
ABUI838M4GFixes issue where the Day at a Glance view does not update when a delegate updates a calendar entry
GMAA8F3GJN Fixed the problem of creating entries in a federated calendar by implementing a more intuitive user experience.
NNAI87C4RB "Add a calendar" feature will keep the added db's icon hidden from the workspace.
RPAL8E3M2KFixed the "Entry not found in index" error when trying to open a federated repeating meeting.
RPAL8E3MK7Opening Someone else's calendar sometimes displayed no entries.
VNTR8EY8SG"'Loading Data' has encountered a
problem. An internal error occurred during: 'Loading Data'" error dialog appears collapsing all in the summary...
YPHG87D8RGSend memo to all invitees may not create a full invitee list in some cases where there is a mix of notes and SMTP addresses.


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